1. Plague of BLOOD
02. Exodus 07:14-24
God turns the rivers into blood
the water in Egypt turned to blood
all of the fish of the river died
the river stank
Egyptians could not drink the water

2. Plague of FROGS
02. Exodus 08:1-15
God sends frogs from the river
the land was infested with frogs
frogs were every where
frogs were inside houses and outside

    3. Plague of LICE
02. Exodus 08:16-19
God turns the dust of the land into lice
great swarms of lice afflicted people and animals

    4. Plague of FLIES
02. Exodus 08:20-32
God sends swarms of flies
the land was infested with flies
flies were every where

    5. Plague of CATTLE-LIVESTOCK
02. Exodus 09:1-7
God afflicts all cattle except those of the Israelites
all the cattle of cattle died
cattle of Israelites not affected

    6. Plague of BOILS
02. Exodus 09:08-12
God turns ashes into dust that cause boils
boil breaking forth with blains upon man, and upon beast

    7. Plague of HAIL
02. Exodus 09:13-35
God sends thunder and hail mingled with fire
it rain a very grievous hail
hailed mingled with fire killed all living things outdoors

   8. Plague of LOCUSTS
02. Exodus 10:01-20
God sends locusts
Locusts covered the ground
Locusts were everywhere, inside and outside
Locusts devoured and destroyed everything that survived the hail storm

    9. Plague of DARKNESS
02. Exodus 10:21-29
God send darkness over all the land of Egypt
thick darkness that could be felt

02. Exodus 11:01-10
02. Exodus 12:01-42
God kills all the first born of Egypt
first born of animal and humans
first born of every living creature in Egypt


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