07. Judges 03:07-11
    a nephew of Caleb deliverered Israel from the Mesopotamians

    07. Judges 03:12-30
    was lefthanded and killed Eglon king of Moab

    07. Judges 03:31
    07. Judges 05:06
    son of Anath slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad

    07. Judges 04:01-09
    07. Judges 05:01-31
    Only Female Judge
    Directed Barak to attack the mighty Canaanites

    07. Judges 06:01-40
    07. Judges 07:01-25
    07. Judges 08:01-32
    07. Judges 08:01-35
    led 300 Israelites to defeat the entire army of the Midianites

    07. Judges 10:1-02
    Judged 23 years
    son of Puah the son of Dodo a man of Issachar
    he dwelt in Shamir in mount Ephraim

    07. Judges 10:03-05
     Judged 22 years
    a Gileadite

    07. Judges 11:01-40
    07. Judges 12:07
    a Gileadite
    A harlot’s son who defeated the Amorites
    Made a vow which caused his only daughter to be sacrificed

    07. Judges 12:08-10

    07. Judges 12:11-12
    Judged 10 years
    a Zebulonite

    07. Judges 12:13-15
    Judged 8 years
    son of Hillel
    a Pirathonite
    he had 40 sons and 30 nephews that rode on 70 ass colts

    07. Judges 13:01-25
    07. Judges 14:01-20
    07. Judges 15:01-20
    07. Judges 16:01-31
    Judged Israel 20 years
    delivered Israel from the Philistines
    Known for his extra-ordinaly great strength
    His story spans 4 complete books of 07. Judges
    Weakness for philistine women
    brought down by woman Deliah
    captured and blinded
    slave of Philistines
    died with philistines
    Note: After Samson: Judges Chapter 17 to Judges Chapter 21
        “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes”
        07. Judges 21:25

    I Samuel 01:09-17
    I Samuel 01:25-28
    I Samuel 02:11-36
    I Samuel 03:01-21
    I Samuel 04:11
    I Samuel 04:14-18
    Priest and Judge
    Judged 40 years
    Ward of the Boy prophet Samuel the first 28 of the book of I Samuel

    Last Judge
    ISamuel & 2Samuel
    I Samuel 03:19-21
    I Samuel 07:15
    Prophet and Judge
    Judged Israel  the days of his life
    The story and life of the prophet and Judge Samuel is recorded throughout I Samuel
    Very Specific reference to Samuel the Judge is found in: I Samuel 03:19-21  and in  I Samuel 07:15
    Samuel’s office as Judge ceased when he anointed Saul as the first king of Israel
    After that Israel began to be ruled by king Saul and Samuel continued to serve the LORD as prophet to Saul and David until his death
    Samuel anointed David King but did not live to see David as King


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